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Prenatal Support & Childbirth Education

Choosing Prenatal Support and Childbirth Education, is one way to help nourish your growing family. Classes and support sessions will guide you through the ins and outs of birth and parenting, making sure you are as prepared as possible. Plus, they are SO much fun!

Private, in home, classes make sure that your unique needs are met. You also get the extra benefit of a shared care model, meaning that you get the expert support and insight from myself and a doula from my team. Along with answering your specific questions, sessions will cover:

  • The physiology and anatomy of both birth and postnatal recovery

  • The physical and emotional stages and phases of birth

  • The ins and outs about natural and medical comfort measures

  • A wide range of active postures and relaxation techniques for birth

  • Uncovering your hopes for your birth and parenthood, plus activities to ease all of your fears

  • Writing your birth and postnatal plans

  • What to expect from your newborn and the early days of parenthood

  • Hands on games and activities, to ensure all the information sinks in


"Because it will not be "just another day" for you when your child is born, do what you can to make your child's birth a good memory... Prepare yourself by learning what to expect and what to do so that you will remain an active participant in this most meaningful experience. And surround yourself with supportive people who treat you kindly, respectfully, and with dignity." -Penny Simkin

How Prenatal Education Can Help you

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Encourage You to Be Informed and Inspired 

We learn a lot about birth and parenthood from the media and our social network.  (FYI not all labours start with a dramatic gush of water breaking and likely you won't need to run to the hospital as soon as labour begins). Calling on the most up to date and relevant information, my professional expertise will help answer any and all of your questions and decipher important terminology.

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Strengthen Your Support Systems

Setting the foundations for your family prenatally, will help you thrive through parenthood. Private childbirth education classes help you, and your partner, think through the realities of what birth  and the newborn stage looks like. And also decide whom you want present, and what their roles should be, at each stage. From birth positions and massage techniques, to diapers and food, you will be set up to be supported the whole way through. 

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Inspire Confidence in Yourself and Your Team

 Wouldn't it be amazing if there were an exact textbook for birth or parenting? The truth is that while being informed is essential, building confidence and trust in our own parenting intuition goes a long way. By educating yourself prenatally, you will know what normal, in all its variations, can look like, through all stages of birth and early parenting, leaving room for your confidence to shine.

Three Packages to Choose From


Birth OR Baby Prep


For families looking for either pre or postnatal education, or a refresher course.

  • In home lessons

  • 3 hours of lessons covering either Birth or Baby prep (or a touch of both)

  • Option to use the session as a refresher course, for second or third time parents

 Full Birth and Baby Prep 


The full package gives you the best opportunity to ensure you're confident and prepared for birth and parenting.

  • In home lessons

  • 6 hours of lessons covering birth preparation, plus newborn and parent care

  • Option to cater the classes to suit your unique interests and needs


Specialty Classes


Specialty classes cover your specific prenatal, birth and postnatal needs.

  • In home lessons

  • 3-6 hours of lessons

  • Speciality topics can include: VBAC or HBAC (Vaginal or Home Birth After Cesarean), Twins and Higher Order Multiples, Grandparent Classes, Sleep Education, "High Risk" Pregnancy Needs, Hypnobabies Preparation, Surgical Birth Preparation, Breastfeeding and Feeding Education, and more

All 3 packages include:

  • Weekly, bi-weekly or weekend options, scheduled to fit your needs

  • Options to tailor classes to personal needs

  • Option to combine classes with doula support

  • Hands on and active learning - we will move, play games, laugh and learn

  • A range of handouts and resources provided, including information on birth preferences, positions for birth, postpartum wellness, breastfeeding and feeding baby, and so much more!

  • Additional hours can be added at $65/hour

*HST will be added during payment

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These packages are meant to serve the unique needs of you and your family. Don't see what you need, listed above? Get in touch to customize any package.

Want more info now? Read more here about the families I work with and see if we’re a good fit.

"Kate Sissons' prenatal class was very informative and extremely interesting. She displayed knowledge and professionalism throughout, and her expertise in pregnancy, childbirth and beyond was extremely reassuring as an expectant mom. She eased many of my partner's stresses and anxieties as well and helped him understand his role in this journey. I definitely feel more confident about the impending birth and newborn phase upon completing this course.

There were several topics that stood out for me such as the importance of a support network, mindfulness and overall emphasis on options; there is no one-size-fits-all in pregnancy, birth, and parenting. It is important to follow our own beliefs and intuition and not feel pressured by society. So many useful topics were thoroughly covered, and I can't say enough wonderful things about this course. I highly recommend it to new and experienced expectant parents! Thanks again Kate!"

-Kristan and Loic, Toronto